"MY ANJAPA LiFE" A website for Japanese who want to learn Burmese and Myanmar people who want to learn Japanese. The operator was a teacher in Burmese at a school in Yangon, Myanmar. While I was fascinated by the personality and familiar national character of Myanmar people, the scenery of each region and the beauty of nature, I witnessed the issues to be solved such as the education level. I would like to provide an opportunity here to "expand the possibilities of people".


  • [Notice] Japanese test questions | Published e-books
    We have published an e-book of "Exam of Basic Japanese" on Amazon. The materials published this time focus on "Japanese test questions". Japanese learners learn the language […]
  • [Notice] Burmese Daily Conversation Phrases | Published e-books
    This time, we have published an e-book of "Burmese Daily Conversation Phrase Collection 100" on Amazon. I am learning Burmese on a daily basis and creating teaching materials as an output. Therefore, the materials I have created so far are used as electronic books […]
  • [Notice] Published an e-book of Burmese language problems
    We have published the e-books of "Myanmar Language Test Questions" and "Myanmar Language Questions Perfect Answer" on Amazon. There are still few teaching materials and study materials in Myanmar. There, I am also learning Burmese […]


I am participating in the ranking of Nihon Blog Village!

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I am participating in the ranking of Nihon Blog Village!

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Lesson flow

Free trial lesson
You can take one 30-minute free trial lesson.
Please contact us by e-mail or Facebook page for application.
Select the number of times you want, the time, the date and time of the lesson, and ask from the email or Facebook page. Please let me know.
Please apply for credit card payment or bank transfer from the designated payment form. Once the payment is confirmed, it is complete.
Take lessons (jukou)
On the day of the lesson, you can take it with the specified tool.